Delta J's 1G

Malibu Delta J 1g Prerolls are the epitome of sophistication and innovation in the world of hemp products. These carefully crafted prerolls are designed to take your hemp experience to a whole new level. Each preroll is a true work of art, meticulously assembled to deliver the ultimate in flavor, aroma, and effects. The combination of premium hemp flower, HHC oil, and THCa Diamonds creates a flavor profile that dances on your palate and an effect that resonates through your senses. It's more than just a preroll; it's an indulgence for the connoisseur.

Weights: 0.7G 5-Pack or 1G

Delta J's 5pk

Similar to the Malibu Delta J Single Preroll, this 5pk will enhance your experience with more to share. Whether you are an experienced hemp enthusiast in search of an extraordinary and unique experience or someone new to the world of cannabinoids, Malibu Delta J 5pk Prerolls provide you with a gateway to a world of lavish flavor, relaxation, and discovery. Each package of these prerolls represents a symphony of flavors, aromas, and effects that are carefully curated for your pleasure.

Weights: 0.7G 5-Pack or 1G

Hemp Diamond Flower 3.5G

Delta J Flower with Hemp and THCa Diamonds is a true masterpiece in the world of cannabinoid-infused botanicals. This product represents the epitome of luxury, precision, and innovation, combining the best of premium hemp flower with the dazzling allure of THCa Diamonds to create an experience like no other.

Weight: 3.5G Jar

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